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My first chef’s knife

Do you like to cook? Would you like a starter knife to improve your cutting skills? A chef’s knife, a paring knife and a cutting board are the basic utensils you need to start cutting all kind of food.

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For Japanese culture lovers

Would you like to add a touch of Japan to your kitchen? Japan has a long tradition in knife crafting using the techniques originally developed for the Japanese sword, the famous katana.

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For sushi chef’s

Sushi is the most famous Japanese food. To prepare sushi and sashimi, Japanese chefs use especial knives, designed to cut and slice the fish: yanagiba, takobiki and deba knives.

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For design addicts

High quality kitchen knives add a touch of luxury to your kitchen. All of them have an accurate and ergonomic design to enjoy cooking.

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For demanding cooks

Demanding cooks need kitchen knives which stand the test of time. They should be robust, sharp and functional. We prepared a selection of knives which accomplish these three features.

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For knife care enthusiasts

All kind of knives should be used carefully and sharpened frequently. A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one. Sharpening devices, cutting boards and knife storage is a must to take care of your kitchen knife.

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Our philosophy

With more than 5 years of experience in the cutlery industry, in Naifuji we believe that the knife is the most versatile and valuable utensil in the kitchen. In Naifuji we have the best Japanese kitchen knives for you.

In the Japanese culinary culture, knives are the soul of the kitchen, and we believe in that philosophy. At the end of the day, Japanese chefs spend a few minutes sharpening their knives.

In Naifuji, we have the best brands of knives, both Japanese and European, but also the best accessories for caring and sharpening them.

Some of the brands that share our passion for cutlery


Miyabi 5000MCD Santoku knife

Absolutely love the knife. Perfect weight balance for my hand. Delivery was super quick and the knife was very well packed. Great all round.

Rachel L. / Ireland

Tojiro Shippu Black Nakiri knife

This is a beautiful knife but it isn’t just pretty, it cuts awesomely. It’s superb for cutting vegetables, and gives you confidence chopping because of the large blade.

Marcio D. / Portugal

Miyabi 5000MCD 67 Gyutoh knife

An amazingly good quality knife at very reasonable price. Perfect communication and ontime delivery. Thx Naifuji.

Younsung L. / South Korea

Masahiro Boning knife

Real mark is 5.5 stars, for the service. The knife is excellent, better than I had imagined, because it is single beveled and sharp out of the box. The grip is especially smooth. This knife was plan B because my original order was out of stock. the supplier was very responsive and quick to suggest this great alternative that was in my kitchen in 2 days.Should have been plan A though. I put the knife to work at deboning a leg of lamb, with excellent results. Highly recommended, I will shop there again.

B. L. / Austria