Cutting boards for the kitchen: types and utilities

We are specialists in knives and one of the most important rules to keep your knife in good condition is to always use a cutting board. In this post, we will analyze the types of cutting boards and their use. Remember: Always use a cutting board!

In addition to knives, some complementary utensils are important in a kitchen, such as cutting boards, essential for any cook, or sharpening stones.

Cutting boards are necessary for several reasons. First, keep the edge of the knife in good condition. Second, the cutting board helps maintain proper hygiene in the kitchen. Finally, using a cutting board makes cutting easier by having a larger surface.

Professional chefs and Naifuji recommend using cutting board when using professional knives.

Cutting board types

We can choose from a selection of components such as bamboo, wood, cellulose fiber, resin and other materials. Professionally, each chef has his preferences, adapting to his work and his cooking style.

For domestic use, we recommend wooden and synthetic cutting boards.

Wooden Cutting Boards

The wooden boards are the most traditional and are highly recommended. It is important to take good care of them, clean them after each use and keep them dry to prevent the wood from spoiling.

Normally, they are usually made with olive wood, maple, beech or bamboo wood. The olive wood is a little more expensive but very resistant. On the other hand, the bamboo boards are more affordable and have a high capacity to repel bacteria.

In our catalog we have wooden cutting boards of different well-known brands such as:

Cutting Board Wüsthof ref: 7293
Thermal beech wood. Resistant to deformation, retraction and expansion.

Cutting board Zwilling J.A. Henckels, ref: 30772-100
Bamboo wood. With slots for liquids or juices. With slots for liquids or juices.

Cutting board Miyabi Hinoki, ref: 34535-200
Japanese cypress wood. Antibacterial properties, great strength and durability.

Synthetic cutting boards

Another option is to use plastic cutting boards. In Naifuji, we have cutting boards of important and recognized brands such as Arcos or Wüsthof.

Cutting board Wüsthof, ref: 7298
Thermoplastic polyurethane, does not absorb odors or flavors and can be sterilized. Dishwasher safe.

Arcos 692100 Tabla de cortar 33x23cm

Cutting board Arcos, 33x23cm, ref: 692100
Resin and cellulose fiber. Easy to clean, comfortable handling and does not damage the knives.

If you prefer comfort maybe the synthetic boards are the best option for you. There are many colors: each one is appropriate for a specific type of cut and product.

The synthetic tables of the market have different colors according to their use. Obviously, we can use any table for any product, if we are amateurs and we do not care much about this aspect.

But for professional use, it is better to know what color is best for each product. The objective of giving a color to each product is to avoid cross-contamination of food.

  • White: to cut bread, pastries or cheese, for example.
  • Yellow: meats like turkey or chicken.
  • Red: to cut red meats like pork or veal.
  • Brown: cooked foods or sausages.
  • Green: fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Blue: boards for fish, shellfish, molluscs, etc.

We invite you to have a look at our cutting boards.

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