Knife care and cleaning tips

Once you have choosen a good quality set of kitchen knives, it is essential to know some basic care rules in order to keep them in perfect condition and enjoy their use longer.


Do not use dishwasher with your quality knives

Knives can get scratched and the edge damaged in the dishwasher. Detergents are very aggressive as well with stainless steel.

Always wash and dry your knife

Quality knives must be washed and dried immediately after use, in order to prevent rust and ugly permanent spots. Use a soft sponge, water and a little detergent. No more. Do not keep the knife under water for a long time, especially if the handle is made of wood, as this can be damaged.


Safely store your knives

Knives must have a specific place for their storage. Kitchen drawers, where they could be mixed with many other tools, are not, as the edge can get dull and the blade scratched. The best is a special knife block, a magnetic bar or individual blade protectors for each knife.

Always sharp

A dull knife is less useful and more dangerous, because it offers less control and you have to apply a greater force when cutting, thus increasing the risk of getting hurt. There are a number of sharpening devices to keep your knives in good condition.

Cutting boards

Use cutting boards made of plastic, bamboo, cellulose fibers, wood, … they are less aggressive with your knife. Marble, glass, ceramic or granite surfaces are much harder and can damage the edge.

Kitchen knives and their uses

There are a variety of knives on the market, each one with a specific function. To get them last longer, you should use the right one at any time.

Wooden handles require special care

If the knife handle is made of wood, it is best to rub it with olive oil (or beeswax) whenever the wood looks dry. The oil will keep it sealed, preventing dirt from becoming impregnated on the wood.


When your knives have to travel, look for an appropriate transport. There are special cases, which adapt to the amount of knives you need to carry; There are also individual covers, to prevent the blades from being damaged during transportation.

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