KAI Shun Pro SHO kitchen knives

The KAI Shun Pro SHO kitchen knives complements the KAI Shun chef’s knife collection with the traditional and asymmetric Japanese blade shape of its kitchen knives. This top series of Japanese chef’s knives is highly appreciated among Sushi chefs all over the world and its popularity is increasing in European kitchens. The unique cutting experience of the one-sided hollow-ground cannot be provided by the European blades. Sanded on one side, the extraordinarily sharp knives run through the cutting good smoothly and precise, and fully meet the requirements of a professional cutting tool.

  • Blade made of VG10 steel.
  • Pakka wood and asymmetric handle, only for right-handed people. The handle is ergonomic and it fits to right hand.
  • 61±1 HRC hardness.
  • Sand pattern on one side.
  • Not dishwasher-safe.

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