Japanese knives

Japanese kitchen knives (naifu in Japanese) are the most important utensil for Japanese chefs. A good Japanese knife must be hard, light and thin. There are different types of Japanese knives, depending on its purpose.

Gyutoh & chef's knives

All purpose Japanese knife, the analog to western chef's knife, with a thinner blade and harder steel. Mainly used for chopping, slicing and dicing both herbs and vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and small bones. The most commonly used size is 20 cm (8"), but can vary between 15 to 35 cm (6"-14").

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Shotoh, kudamono & paring knives

Shotoh, kudamono and petty knives are the Japanese versions of a small utility or paring knife, They are very light and useful for delicate work, like peeling, cutting and carving small fruits and vegetables.

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Santoku knives

The Santoku knife is a general purpose kitchen knife, the Japanese version of the western chef’s knife. The word Santoku means “three virtues”: slicing, dicing, and mincing. In addition, the Santoku Knife is lighter, thinner, shorter and harder than the corresponding Western knives.

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Nakiri & Usuba knives

The nakiri and Usuba knives are Japanese kitchen knives characterized by their straight blade edge and squared off tips that makes cleaning and cutting of vegetables easy. Usuba knife is heavier than the Nakiri knife and is the favourite for Japanese chefs.

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Yanagiba & takobiki knives

Yanagiba and takobiki knives are Japanese kitchen knives with a long blade used to prepare sashimi, sushi, sliced fish and seafood. 

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Deba knives

The Deba knife is a type of Japanese kitchen knife with a pointed blade used mainly to cut and clean fish, poultry and meat. It is perfect for heavy cutting tasks. Deba knives should not be used to chop large bones.

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Chutoh & utility knives

Japanese mid-size utility knife used for cleaning and carving all kinds of fish and meat. They are usually between 10-18 cm (4"-7"), long, and are between shotoh knives and gyutoh knives in size, although with similar versatility. They are typically used for cutting vegetables, meat or cheese of medium or small size.

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Sujihiki & slicing knives

Sujihiki knives are long Japanese slicers with a narrow, thin blade for slicing raw and cooked meats.

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Chinese chef's knives

A Chinese chef’s knife is a rectangular-bladed, all-purpose kitchen knife used in China and other Asian countries to prepare different types of meat, fish, and vegetables. The popularity of this kitchen knife has spread as well as the Asian cuisines.

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