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Kitchen knives

Our catalogue includes knives and accessories of all prices, materials, brands and styles. From simple kitchen knives for home use to professional knives and utensils for restaurants and hotels; stainless steel, damascus steel and ceramic knives, all kind of storage products and sharpening devices, Japanese and European, knife sets and everything related with cutlery that chefs, professional or amateur, will need when cooking to get the best results.

Chef's knives

The chef's knife is the most complete and versatile of the kitchen knives. It is essential for professional and amateur chefs. Its wide and triangular blade has a curved edge to rock it on the cutting board for precision. It is mainly used for chopping, slicing and dicing both herbs and vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and small bones. See all chef's knives range

Paring knives

Paring knives are small kitchen knives with short blades mainly used for peeling, cutting and carving fruits and vegetables. They can also be useful in other tasks like deveining shrimp and prawns, removing seeds from peppers and jalapenos, cleaning mushrooms, cutting small garnishes, making decorative cuts, etc. See all paring knives range

Bread knives

Bread knives always have a serrated edge to allow for easy cutting of bread crusts while preventing pressure that could crush the inner soft part of the bread. The bread knife is usually quite long, from 20 to 25 cm (8"-10") and can also be used to cut hard shells or rinds of some fruits or vegetables like pineapples or melons. See all bread knives range

Slicing and carving knives

Slicing and carving knives are used to slice and carve large pieces of cooked meat, fish, or poultry. Slicing knives also include specific varieties like salmon or ham knives. Slicing knives are perfect for getting fine slices of meat from large pieces of roasted, grilled or cooked meat because it is a narrower knife than a chef's knife, which facilitates a more accurate cut. See all slicing & carving knives range

Utility knives

Utility knives are usually between 10-18 cm (4"-7"), long, and are between paring knives and cook’s knives in size, although with similar versatility. They are typically used for cutting vegetables, meat or cheese of medium or small size. Utility knives may have a serrated edge for cutting tomatoes, lemons, oranges or small pieces of bread or sandwitches. See all utility knives range

Boning knives

Boning knives are used to remove bones from cuts of meat. The blade is quite thin and may be between 10-18 cm (4"-6") long. Boning knives always end in a sharp tip to pierce the meat, split fat zones, and to cut between tendons, sinew and joints. Rigid boning knives are used for pork and beef, and more flexible ones are a better option for fish and poultry.
See all boning knives

Steak knives

Slim and strong kitchen knife. The blade has ground back and straight cutting edge. Cuts steaks effortlessly. See all steak knives range

Ham knives

Ham knives are slicing knives with flexible blade mainly used for cutting ham into thin slices. They are long and thin. The whole ham set includes, in addition to ham knife, a chef's knife to remove outer layers, a boning knife and a ham support.
See all ham knives

Cheese knives

A cheese knife is a type of kitchen knife used for cutting cheese. There are different cheese knives, depending on the cheese hardness.
See all cheese knives

Cleaver knives

Kitchen knife with a broad and heavy blade for cutting large chunks of meat or preparing spare ribs.
See all cleaver knives

Decorating knives

Decorating knives have a special shape to cut fruits and vegetables in different ways.
See all decorating knives

Carving forks

Carving forks are used to hold and lift meat for cutting or turning, and serving.
See all carving forks

Kitchen knife sets

Knife sets and blocks come with all you need for different cutting tasks when cooking and preparing any type of food. Our selection of cutlery knife sets include different types of knives for professional chefs and home cooks. Starter sets can be an option as a great house gift for an amateur cook. We offer a wide range of prices and sizes, from 2-piece to 24-piece sets, knife wooden blocks, knife cases and bags, small paring knife sets, ceramic sets and more. See all kitchen knife sets range

Ceramic knives

Ceramic knives are extremely hard, offers a high corrosion resistance and a long lasting sharpness. They must be used with care. The ceramic blades do not contain metal ions that can brown foods or transfer a metallic taste or smell so the food will remain fresh after use. In addition, the blade will never rust. these knives are ultra-light, half the weight of steel knives. They are great for slicing vegetables, fruits and boneless meats and fish, always on a cutting board.
See all ceramic knives

Food industry knives

We offer a wide range of food industry knives for meat and fish. Knives have different handle colors and NSF-tested and certified. The handle color allows the classification of the knives based on the kind of food, thereby achieving better health control, based on European standards.
See all food industry knives
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