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Paring knives

Paring knives are small kitchen knives with short blades mainly used for peeling, cutting and carving fruits and vegetables. The blade can have different shapes and lengths ranging between 5 and 10 cm (2″-4″), which provides the best results in complex tasks such as boning fruits, coring apples or pears, mincing herbs or removing potato eyes. The bird’s beak knife, also called tourné knife or peeler, has a small curved blade that allows for precise cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables with a rounded form. Straight blade knives are ideal for mincing vegetables or herbs into fine pieces. Paring knives can be useful in other tasks like: deveining shrimp and prawns, removing seeds from peppers and jalapenos, cleaning mushrooms, cutting small garnishes, making decorative cuts, etc. They are designed to perform multiple tasks in the kitchen, like chef knives, but with a smaller size.

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