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Slicing & Carving knives

Slicing and carving knives are used to slice and carve large pieces of cooked meat, fish, or poultry. Slicing knives also include specific varieties like salmon or ham knives. They are used to cut roasts and meat of different types in thin slices in order to keep food juices. The sizes range between 8 and 14 inches and some models may have a serrated edge to cut roasts with a tough exterior. The ham knives are long, narrow and flexible to cut ham into thin slices, and are very similar in form and function to the salmon knives, although they usually have a rounded tip to avoid damaging the delicate skin when cutting. Many filleting knives have hollow edges to prevent food from sticking to the blade while cutting. It is ideal for getting fine slices of meat from large pieces of roasted, grilled or cooked meat because it is a narrower knive than a Chef’s knife, which facilitates a more accurate cut. A carving fork is the perfect complement, which helps keeping the large roast in the correct position for cutting.

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