What kitchen knives are made of?

Kitchen knives are the most important tool for a cook. When he chooses a knife, a good knowledge of its materials is essential. For example, a thin and flexible blade is perfect for carving meats, while a stiff and heavy blade is better to chop.

Below, there are the most used materials for kitchen knives and their properties.

Stainless steel

It is the most common material used in kitchen knives. It is corrosion-resistant and does not rust, so these knives are long lasting. The main inconvenient is that they lose sharpening fast, so they need to be sharpened frequently.

Carbon steel

This alloy is made of iron and carbon and are extremely hard. for this reason, the knives do not dull easily. The biggest advantage of this alloy is that it easily maintains the sharpness, given its hardness. However, they are not corrosion-resistant. To avoid this problem, the knives must be washed and dried immediately after each use. They also tend to rust if not used for a certain time, so they have to be treated to avoid discoloration.

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High Carbon stainless steel

Compared with stainless steel, the high carbon alloy allows a better and more lasting sharpening. This material is also resistant to high temperature and corrosion. However, it requires high maintenance and its price is higher than stainless steel’s but worth it.


Titanium knives are lighter than steel’s, have a long lasting sharpening and are flexible, so they are suitable for filleting and slicing.

Damask steel

Damask steel blades have a unique design. Its core is made of carbon steel, covered by layers of stainless steel. The result is a hard knife with a long lasting sharpening.


Lately, ceramic knives became popular. They are very stylish light and offer good results. They are not porous and do not rust, so the taste of the food remains intact. In addition, they are always kept sharp are easy to clean and do not rust. Nevertheless, their price is high and can be broken easily, if not handled properly.

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